Virginia Beach martial art & self defense

OBI (Okinawan Budo Institute) of Virginia beach teaches self defense to those who wish to learn & for those who understand that self-defense techniques

Kata training teaches balance
Virginia Beach Martial art training

are not learned over night.
Unlike many schools in the area we teach only one system of Martial arts, it is called Okinawan Shorin-ryu.  History suggests that modern karate has its origins not in the main land of Japan but on the islands of Okinawa.  Shorin-ryu was imported in to Japan and used to create Shotokan ( short story ) it also heavyily enfluenced TaeKwonDo and many other martial arts.  But by this time the arts became sport, where the competitors worked to gain points.  Sadly this doesn’t work on the streets.

Virginia beach martial art school
One on One training to develop reflexes, reaction time. Block and counter training

For nearly 50 years, OBI Karate school of Virginia beach has been teaching

Karate for real life self-defense, though we have and do compete in competitions this is not what our focus is on.

Our training is based on the tried and true curriculum of Kata.  Our system has 15 kata and they teach us timing, control, foot work, balance and help us build explosive power in short quick movements.

Real life block counter concepts taken from kata.

We meet Monday,  Wednesday & Friday at 6:30 pm until 8pm for adult karate and martial art classes.

Come by and register for a free introductory ( Trial ) class to see what we are all about.

5465 #D Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, Va. 23462